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Get free Parcel Courier Rates and Estimate bangalore

Now that you are looking to check the parcel moving estimate, then you are on the right page. We Offer complete door to door shipping services we would be more than please to offer free moving consultation.

Parcel Rates are based on various factors mentioned below

  1. Size of the Shipment: When many of my customers call me to check the parcel rates as per kg we tell them it’s going to be charged based on Volumetric Charges. Please share the size of the baggage or carton box with (Length/ Width /height). More the volume of the shipment its going to be charged accordingly.
  2. Actual Weight: If you have a Shipment that has low in volume then we would be charging based on the Actual Weight and Volumetric weight and it will be charged on the basis of whichever is higher
  3. Distance of Pickup: In order to pick up your package from your door step or delivery it at your door step we would be require to arrange a pickup van for the same and their would be basic fare for the same.

What is cost Per Kg?

Per Kg means weight in kilograms, Now I have been getting request to offer moving estimate per kg basis. But, in logistics, transport, courier or any other logistics business per kg is not always the actual weight of the shipment. In logistics business volumetric weight is what the actual cost of moving a particular Shipment would be. It means we would be measuring the size of the items and then arrive at the weight of the shipment.

Example: Case 1
Let’s assume Mr.kishore is planning to ship his Toy Stuffed Monkey parcel Box from Bangalore (Electronic city) to Mumbai (Thane). And monkey parcel box is weighing about 500 grams in actual weight but measuring in size 24 inch in Length /24 Inch in width and 24 Inch in height. We would be consider the Box size as the base for the weight calculations and charged accordingly. So it would be charged by volume of the shipment and as termed as volumetric weight and to move stuffed monkey parcel from Bangalore to Thane would be charged about- Rs.2325/- for door to door parcel moving.

Example: Case 2
Now Mr. Kishore is looking to ship 20 Kg of books box of size 12 inch in Length /12 Inch in width and 12 Inch in height from Bangalore (Electronic city) to Hyderabad (Banjara Hills) In this case the actual weight is higher than the size of the boxes and will be charged as per the actual weight of the box and it will cost Rs.1900/- for door to door parcel shipping charges based on the actual weight of the box.

Parcel Rates per Kg per kilometer
Bike Parcel Rates are also dependent on the size of the bike i.e if the bike is bigger in size more the packing cost and shipping charges will be charged accordingly. For 80 cc scooty bike occupies less space compared to Avenger Bike. So, size of the bike matters when your ship two wheeler.

Let’s now help you understand how Agarwal Parcel charges its rates
Local Parcel Charges within Bangalore city
We charge Rs.2500/- for 10 Km with 2 Labor for loading and unloading for 2 Hours.
We charge Rs.3500/- for 11-25 Km for 2 Labor for Loading and Unloading for 3 Hours.

We Charge Rs.4500/- for 26-35 Km for 2 Labor for Loading and Unloading for 5 Hours.
Maximum Weight for 100 Kgs. Kilometer rates are calculated from Electronic city. Extra Kilometer Will be charged Rs.14 per Kilometer.

For example: If you were to move from Harlur road to Whitefield it will be charged Rs.5200.00 with 2 Labor and 6 Hours for transportation, loading and unloading. This is best suitable for when moving your single items within city parcel moving charges.

Outstation Parcel Charges

(Please Note: Parcel rates are revised from time to time. Please check prior to shipping)

Kilometer Parcel Courier Rates Per Kg by Road Transport
10Kg 11-20Kg 21-30Kg 31-40Kg 41-50Kg
300 Km Rs.1200.00 Rs.1400.00 Rs.1600.00 Rs.2100.00 Rs.2500.00
301-500 Km Rs.1500.00 Rs.1800.00 Rs.2100.00 Rs.2600.00 Rs.3500.00
501-800 Km Rs.1800.00 Rs.2100.00 Rs.2600.00 Rs.3100.00 Rs.4200.00
801-1200 km Rs.2100.00 Rs.2600.00 Rs.3000.00 Rs.3600.00 Rs.4800.00
1201-1500Km Rs.2600.00 Rs.3000.00 Rs.3500.00 Rs.4200.00 Rs.5200.00
1501-2100Km Rs.2800.00 Rs.3400.00 Rs.4200.00 Rs.4800.00 Rs.5700.00

Above rates:
Do not include packing charges. Packing charges per Carton Box will be charged Rs.100/- Per Box.
Trolley bags or Luggage bags require external packing service and will be charged Rs.120/- Per Bag.
Computer or Desktop packing will be charged Rs.150/- per system.
Docket and handling charges Rs.500/- will be charged.
City Limits Local Pickup, Drop delivery, loading and Unloading Charged Rs.1000.00 per Docket. Extended delivery will be charged extra.
Online tracking will be shared once your shipment is booked at our Third Party Logistics vendor